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Monday, May 13, 2013

Vultures Still Circling After the Boston Marathon Bombing

Now that the dust has just begun to settle on the horrific Boston Marathon terrorist attack of April 15, 2013, and the perpetrators are either buried or in custody, there is another sad aftermath:  consequences from those cashing in on the victims' suffering by exploiting Intellectual Property through fraud and abuse.

For example, hundreds of fake Boston Marathon-related scams popped up purporting to help the victims, requiring authorities, including the IRS, to issue stern warnings.

Time magazine notes that hundreds of Boston Marathon-themed domain names were quickly registered and put up for auction within hours of the tragedy's unfolding.

Finally, gruesome and unlicensed photos were stolen from Getty images and the Associated Press, and sold on in unauthorized e-books.  After an outcry, Amazon pulled the e-books.

The predictably sad repeat of these transparently opportunistic activities after recent tragedies has led some to consider whether anti-fraud laws should be enhanced to include stiffer penalties for fraudulent activities after a mass casualty occurs.