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Thursday, August 2, 2012

J.Geils Band Members Torn Apart by Trademark Litigation

The J. Geils Band in Happier Times (1973)
Perhaps taking a page from Live's playbook, John Geils Jr., of the epynomous J.GeilsBand ("Centerfold"), yesterday filed a federal trademark infringement lawsuit against his former bandmates in Boston.

The lawsuit names a variety of defendants, including Peter Wolf, Seth Justman, Richard "Magic Dick" Salwitz and Danny Klein, and alleges that they are "seeking to misappropriate and steal" the name "J.Geils Band." 

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office records show a trademark was first sought in June 2008 by Francesca Records LLC and the Registration issued in 2009.  Francesca Records LLC is affiliated with John Geils, Jr.

In April 2012, Geils Unlimited LLC, made up of Wolf, Salwitz & Klein, sought to cancel the existing registration on a variety of legal grounds including fraud and likelihood of confusion.

The administrative proceeding will now be suspended (or put in a "freeze frame,") pending the outcome of the Boston litigation.