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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

John Wayne's Heirs Sue Duke University Over Trademark Rights to Alcohol

John Wayne (pictured left) was born Marion Robert Morrison in 1907.  As a boy, the eventual actor owned a dog named "Duke."  Even after the actor later adopted the stage name John Wayne, he was still known to many as "the Duke."

Duke University, another storied American institution that was named after the Duke family established the Duke Endowment, has been attempting for nearly a decade to federally register and protect trademarks for "Duke" in connection with a variety of goods and services, including alcohol and restaurant services.

John Wayne Enterprises, which still controls Wayne's intellectual property rights after his death, has also attempted to register "Duke" for alcoholic beverages.  Duke University objected, citing a likelihood of confusion even though the college does not currently produce, market or sell alcohol, according to a Complaint.