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Monday, August 20, 2012

China Accuses U.S. of Waging an "Invisible War" on the Internet

The Chinese government has demanded that the U.S. cede control of the Internet, accusing it of waging an "invisible war" against its enemies on the web.

In an article appearing in China's official newspaper, China accuses the U.S. of conducting a "pre-emptive strike" by refusing to give up control of the Internet in the name of protecting what it calls a “global resource.”

China claims that the U.S. has taken unfair advantage of its control over the Internet to launch an "invisible war" against its enemies, and to intimidate and threaten other countries.

The article cites as an example how, during the Iraq war, the U.S. government in 2003 asked ICANN to terminate all services related to Iraq’s TLD “.IQ” leading to all websites linked to such domain names disappearing overnight.

The article also points out that 10 of the Internet's 13 root zone servers are located within the U.S., allowing the federal government to "supervise the Internet for national security reasons" under U.S. laws.

By doing so, however, China argues, the U.S. federal government actually gains access to all information transmitted online while "other countries can do nothing about it."

As a "big country on the Internet," China says that it "opposes the U.S.' unreasonable and unilateral management of the Internet" and seeks to work with the international community to "build a new Internet governance system."