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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 Strange, But Real Federally Registered Trademarks

Section 2(a) of the Lanham Act, 15 U.S.C. Section 1052(a), bars the registration of trademarks that are deemed “immoral” or “scandalous." However, no aspect of U.S. law addresses the registration or use of trademarks that are just plain...strange.  Here are ten favorites:

10.  JUNK IN THE TRUNK® for trash collection.  To be distinguished from FOR THE JUNK IN YOUR TRUNK® brand of pickup truck cargo liners.
9.  CORNHOLIO®  for t-shirts and baseball caps. One of the stranger facts about this trademark registration owned by South Carolina-based Cornholio, Inc., is that it claims a first use in commerce in 2008, but characters Beavis and Butthead who made the mark famous, went off the air in 1997.
8.  OBESITY IS SUICIDE BY OVERDOES [sic] OF FOOD®  Owned by the Michigan-based Fat Loss E-School Corporation.  Typographical error included on original registration certificate.
7. BACK OFF BABY®  For bustiers.
6.  SLIMY GRIMY®  Registered since 1981 and now incontestable.  For cleaning preparations, namely, boat hull cleaning preparations.
5.  ZOMBIES VS. CHEERLEADERS®  For comic books but recently abandoned.  Not sure who I was rooting for here.
4.  DISGUSTING ANATOMY BRAIN® and DISGUSTING ANATOMY HEART® are both registered for toys "and playthings."  What such playthings that aren't toys are they talking about here??
3.  THE GREASY WIENER®  for restaurant services.  Not health food-specific, I suspect.
2.  FULL CONTACT BINGO®  Electronic Arts recently applied for this title in connection with online computer gaming.  Not yet a trademark, just an application, but I've already ordered my advance copy of the game.
1.  DEAD LAWYER®  For a variety of items, including mouse pads.