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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Craig Sues James (But Not Angie) for a "List"

Craigslist, the popular free website, has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the Swedish owners of Jameslist.

Craigslist offers users job postings, apartments, and all manner of items for sale (and sometimes even for free).

In contrast, Jameslist offers only absurdly high-end luxury real estate and items for sale, such as ninety million dollar mansions, private jets, yachts, sports cars and other accouterments of the wealthy and uber-famous.  It bills itself as "the World's Luxury Marketplace."

The federal lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco where Craigslist is headquartered, alleges that Jameslist was coined as an admitted play on words to bring Craigslist to mind.  The suit alleges that consumers will be confused.

Some commentators have pondered why, given Craigslist's apparent concern about confusion arising from the use of a first name and "list," it has never sued Angie Hicks, the founder of Angie's List, which offers reviews of roofers, plumbers, housekeepers and contractors.

The lawsuit notes that there had been a previous administrative proceeding when James had sought U.S. trademark recognition, but that proceeding ended with the entry of judgment against Jameslist.

Can you guess which items appear on Craigslist or Jameslist, respectively, by just looking at the pictures below?  Answers appear at the bottom.


#1:  $72,000,000 Yacht for sale on Jameslist.
#2:  $130/month shared room for rent on the Bronx on Craigslist.
#3:  FREE keyboard on Craigslist.
#4:  $90,000,000 Woolworth Mansion for sale on Jameslist.
#5:  Aston Martin for sale for $250,000 on Jameslist.
#6:  Goodyear tires (slightly used) for sale for $150 on Craigslist.